Friday, July 23, 2010


being in a new place certainly is hard.. everything seems like a foreign object.. every corner looks unknown.. everyone is like a stranger...

but there are also a lot of moments i celebrate with great joy.. events which allow me to appreciate simple are some simple joys i'd love to share with you..
  • riding the mrt with so much anxiety and in the end being able to get out of it still breathing..
  • always getting out in the wrong mrt exits and still able to locate the right destinations..
  • one time after buying lrt tiket, i heard someone shouting.. "ate nikki, ate nikki".. and guess what, it's bogs..
  • on my way to a job interview, our eyes suddenly caught each other, both surprised, approached each other, then hugged.. it's noel...
  • security guards, mmda officers, and traffic officers.. my new forms of angels without wings.. (i always ask directions from them..)..
  • my sisters being so patient locating my destinations through google earth and maps..
  • everyday text messages from seth..
  • surprise text messages from friends..
  • everyday calls from home..
  • witnessing weddings at st. francis church every saturday..
  • the sight of my artificial moon..
  • meeting co-applicants (kahit alam kong mga kalaban ko sila sa certain position, i always find myself talking to all of them..)..
  • one time, while there was rotational brownout, i decided to stay along the corridor of 16th floor to read a book, after some of those living in the area noticed that, they started to stay along the corridors to do other stuff (2 children decided to play outside, 1 girl also decided to read, 2 teens studied their lessons, etc..).. very nice..
bigsigh.. the list can actually go on..

i just realized that, even if i am really having a very hard time adjusting to the changes,
i know and feel that heaven is working with me, in me..


i badly miss home,
but right now,
i am embracing this new home..


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