Tuesday, July 13, 2010


do you know the feeling when time and situations seem to play with you, or play with your thoughts, and most your emotions? i feel that my heart skips a couple of beats everytime such happens. sometimes, it even gives me the feeling of sudden emptiness, sudden deaths.

the other night, i was feeling so sad again.  Seth was asking why i seemed sad, why i was crying again. i just told him that my newmoon was not lit. the night made me uncomfortable. eating my dinner without the sight of it from this 16th floor was

like a sad love song..
like rain turning sand into mud..
like a flightless bird..

i cried myself to sleep that night.
then just this afternoon, my training teacher was telling a story. and suddenly, she used the names estrella and luna to represent the characters of her story. how weird could that be.. talk about time playing with me again..

this time though, i did not cry.
rather, i smiled.
i don't know, the estrellas may be far and many..
typhoon basyang may cover them up tonight..

but the truth still remains.
and that is,
when all else is gone,
i will still be here.. mine will still be here..


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