Wednesday, July 21, 2010


it's wednesday, so it's lovestorytelling time..
not an original, but just the same..
i made some things up..

go on now,
take your seats,
and listen very well..

once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in a farm.  she was the typical farm-girl.. very plain, simple, and quite careless. but at the same time, she is also known for her kindness and her warmth for the people in her town.

and then there was the prince.  he, of course lives in the castle.  he's known for his good looks, and smart thinking.  he excels in all things he does.  he has a lot of talents.  he was also famous for his dashing smile and his deep-seated eyes. on the other hand, not a lot of people are comfortable with his presence. most people in and outside the castle saw him as an aloof, distant, indifferent, and cold prince.

one day, the farm people were having a community meal.  the prince, together with his royal super friends, decided to come and join in the festivity.  upon arrival, the prince shared a table with the farm-girl.  as the farm-girl saw the prince, her world started to move in slow-motion.  the farm-girl felt it so strange.  the feelings were new to her.  she felt happy and excited.  she felt that her heart was dancing. the face of the prince was the most beautiful face she had ever seen.

because the farm-girl was too busy staring at the prince, she did not notice that she was putting ketchup on her cheesestreussel.  that caught the attention of the prince. and so the prince asked the farm-girl how the cheesestreussel taste with ketchup on it.  the farm-girl being so surprised and caught off guard blurted out "it's sweet, and it's the bestest in the world".. and because she got more tensed, she started to speak so many things that she was not aware of.  the farm girl said: "it's the bestest taste in the world.. i always remember home and love everytime i eat it.. i always feel complete.. strange but true.." (of course, what the prince did not know was that, the farm-girl ate the cheesestreussel with ketchup because she was just too nervous)..

the prince got so much interested with what he heard.  it drew him closer to the farm-girl.  he thought, "this girl is special.. i would love to get to know her more, and maybe fall in love with her.." and he did.. they fell in love, lived together, and they were very happy.

the prince loves the farm-girl very much.  in the mornings, he would always prepare the farm-girl's favorite cheesestreussel topped with ketchup.  and for so many years, the farm-girl ate every cheesestreussel with ketchup that the prince prepared for him.

on the 20th year of their marriage, the farm girl got ill, and eventually died.  in her treasure box was a letter for the prince.  in the letter, the farm girl told the prince a 20 year old lie.  she was saying sorry to the prince. she said that since the prince fell in love with her because of the ketchup story, she was too scared to admit that it was just a lie.  she said that even if the cheesestreussel with ketchup really tasted awful, she ate it everyday to show the prince how much she loves her as well. 

the prince, after reading the letter was so touched and happy at the same time.  he cried so hard because he misses the farm girl so much. since the death of his beloved, he would always prepare cheesestreussel with ketchup in the morning and eat it. 

everytime people would see him eat the cheesestreussel with ketchup, they would wonder and ask him how it tastes..  and the prince would always answer, "it's sweet, and it's the bestest in the world.."


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