Tuesday, July 13, 2010


i was walking home from work when i heard the song starlight express. i then remembered the last argument i had during the weekend with Berdeng Ibon. i was telling him that i am really sad not to be seeing my moon and stars at night. he was actually laughing, insisting that stars are visible in the area. i too kept on telling him that i  never saw a star for almost a week already. still, he ended the argument that they are visible.. that i just have to choose to see it.. because they are there..

with that as a last thought, i stared at the evening sky.. and tried to locate a star..

i did not see a single star.
what more my moon.

but believe or not,
i wasn't feeling sad.

i didn't exactly know why.
but it gave me the feeling that they are really there after all.

yes, i may not be seeing them literally..
but i know that beneath those smog,
are my moon and my stars..

i know.
i just know.
because my heart never lies.

i whisper these as i continue to believe..
starlight express, starlight express
are you there, yes or no,
starlight express, please answer me yes,
i don't want you to go..


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