Saturday, July 24, 2010


i had to sleep early last night to have enough rest. before sleeping though, i whispered a prayer.. in my heart was a special wish to see my Brightest Light.. my Bestest Dance.. without any further hope or agenda, i really just wanted to see him..

around 11.30 pm, i was awaken from my sleep. that's the problem i have everytime i go to bed earlier than my usual bedtime.  several minutes were spent tossing and turning because i was having a hard time going back to sleep. suddenly, a very bright light was shinning on my face. i was getting annoyed by it, wondering where it was coming from. i knew there wasn't a lampost in the area, besides we were on the 16th floor.. i continued to keep my eyes closed.. the curtain was being blown by the air coming from outside the window.. the ray of bright light continued to shine on my face.. as if telling me to open my eyes..

and so i did..

and right before my eyes was the most amazing sight i have ever seen over the past weeks..

it was the moon..
he was shinning so bright..
and his luminance was like spotlight all directed on me..

i got up so quickly and went to the window area..
it was so beautiful, so majestic..
i can feel my heart dancing..

there was absence of stars..
it was all about the moon..

i knew i was not dreaming..
i cannot stop but think that it was a good sign for me..

nakita ko ang lalake sa buwan..
at alam kong masaya siya..

i closed my eyes smiling..

will you dance with me please..



  1. pusong matapang...

    matapang dahil sa mga taong nagmahal at minahal ako XD (i know you're one of them)


  2. July 24, 2010
    12:14 AM

    OMG.. d m0on showed up.. Its d real moon.. :) no stars, just d moon..

    I know you remember this.

    Kung ano ang lubos na hinahangad ng puso, 'yon ang madalas na ibinibigay sa tamang panahon at pagkakataon.

    -free spirit :)

  3. kilala ko na si Brightest Light XXDD

  4. no idea if sino si bright light,
    I'm just happy na nagpakita na ang buwan.


  5. brave heart.. hwag ka mag assume ah.. haha.. simplixiety.. talga? kung ano ang nais ng puso madalas ibinibigay?