Friday, July 16, 2010


i remember the other night when Pusong matapang texted about how he was feeling at that time.  he said something like "it's so hard to be friends with someone special.. because everytime you look at that person, all you see is everything you want to have.."

i can recall texting him back saying that pain is the price we pay for every good memory we have for someone we lose or someone we feel we cannot have.. it's part of the price we pay when we choose to love.. but still the same, it's not enough reason for us to stop loving again.. or even, loving more.. and more..

i do not know if i made sense to him when i said that. i am not really sure if i was being helpful either. after all,  Pop once said that when we are hurting, we should not listen to people who try to talk us out of the pain or show us how to fix it.  he said further that if we try so hard to fix pain, it only takes longer to heal.

i believe Pop is right when he said that.  i know that no matter how much talking we hear about healing wounds, or how hard we try to self talk our mind and heart, wounds don't obey our wishes.  healing takes place at its own way and its own time.   

question then is, what do we do when we're hurting?
what do we do when we feel that we can only stare and just adore them from a distance?
paano kung kahit kailan hindi magiging abot kamay ang pangarap?
paano kung magkaiba talaga ang langit na kabibilangan?

(Bigsigh).. para kay Pusong Matapang, love like you're not hurting at all.. or more so, love like you've never heard of the word hurt before...

Pilosopong Tasyo once said, love is after all a decision to make.. kaya sige lang, hanggat kaya..

"the way wounds heal is a miracle.  inevitably they heal on their own.
all we have to do is do not let our hungry egos demand
 that the pain go away on a certain timetable. 
we need to have faith that the pain will pass."
-daniel gottlieb-


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