Sunday, July 18, 2010


Pusong Matapang was sharing the other night how he wished for his life to be like the movies.  he mentioned that in movies, happy endings are always possible.  of course, i cannot let the night pass without reacting on it..

i told him that people's lives are practically like the movies.  people after all are the ones who wrote the scripts and the story lines.  where else do they get the inspiration of the things they write aside from their imaginations? it will probably be their experiences, or their personal wishes, or desires..

i also told him that every story deserves a happy ending.. happy endings may not be the typical "and they lived happily ever after" scenes.. rather, happy endings can be viewed in different viewpoints.. probably self discovery, a stronger person coming up out of the experience, of maybe just continuing to flap one's wings..

i asked Free Spirit awhile ago her opinion of happy endings. she said that it is something that communicates happiness in all angles.  apparently, she also mentioned that in all the complications going on around, happy endings may not be possible.  on the other hand, she remains hopeful about the idea.

surprisingly, i was able to watch a movie today which allowed me to ponder on happy endings even more. the movie was called he's just not into you.. the movie talks about how often girls were made to believe a lot of things like meeting prince charming, having their happy ever afters, waiting for the unexpected love story twists, or even having that breathtaking declaration of love..

the movie also highlighted how the man's brain operates when it comes to dating or keeping relationships.. one of the characters said that when a man doesn't give one a shit, he literally doesn't give one the shit.. that when a man wants to be with a girl, he will do whatever it takes to be with the girl.. he was saying that in the men's world, there is what they call the rule vs the exception..  (of course, every girl would want to be the exception...)

the story ended with more points to ponder on.. it says that girls are often too pasted on the thought of waiting for their happy endings that oftentimes they already forget to read the signs.. the signs of learning to tell who among the people around us want us or not, or those people who'll choose to stay or leave us..

in a more assuring note, the movie shared the same thought that i've always carried with me in my heart..
"maybe the happy ending doesn’t include a wonderful guy, maybe its you, on your own, picking up the pieces and starting over.. freeing yourself up for something better for the future.. maybe the happy ending is just moving on."

or still possibly,

"maybe it can be that after all the unreturned phonecalls, broken hearts, all the pain and the embarrassments, you never ever gave up hope.."

an Amazing Guy once told me, that love is about endless proportions, limitless possibilities, and beyond boundaries..

i'll always believe that.
in my stories, i was just the rule.

but it doesn't matter.
i'll always have my exception.
he will be.


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  1. now i know who i am s blog mo ate. hehehe
    nagtataka ako at si ate thea kung sino si Pusong Matapang.