Thursday, July 29, 2010


treking a long road
everything looks familiar and known
its the road to home
the road to where my heart is

from the bus seat
i see the moon brightly shinning
in its far distant is the only star around
both, the moon and star, shinning on their solitude

the skies are both dark and lighted
dark and light seems to be sharing one unique moment
everything was peaceful
the night was quiet, i continue to listen to my hearbeat

then comes the rain
so persistent to fall inspite of the desires of the moon and star to shine,
inspite of the peace that the skies are communicating,
the rain, so persistent like a love that is unconditional

more droplets continue to fall
from outside my window, water is falling down like silver strings
long, silver, shining strings.. becoming heavier strings..
so persistently hard, like love wanting to embrace eternity

it continued..
yet the skies remained like unrippled bliss and stillness
the moon stayed on, like an assurance, a promise, and a vow
the star lingered, once in a while struggling from the clouds

who becomes more persistent then?
was it the moon, the star?
the skies?
or was it the rain?

whoever was,
the scene spoke of truth
the distance was enough

far enough for a struggling breath
to know whats on the palm right now
more than enough for a hoping heart
to know if it can take another sigh

(busride going home)

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