Sunday, July 11, 2010


life can really be surprising. just when you thought all is doing well and that you already have everything in your life, suddenly, everything can all be gone in an instant..

then you wonder why.
you ask why.

then you get lost.
and your soul continue to wander.

then you start to hope.
and hope even more.

that's also the time when you start to see new blessings, gifts.
although you both know that there are the missing pieces,
and that souls are still broken,
friendships try to build you up again.
the company tries to suffice what's lacking.
the simple hi's and helloes try to fill up the peace you yearn for.
each time becomes a push to keep going on and just keep flying.

buti na lang...

thank you for being a clearwater to me.
thank you for staying while my vampire is away.


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