Tuesday, July 13, 2010


it's actually my first day of training. the feeling of not being excited about it scared me.  maybe because i am not too sure if i really want the job or not.  i was listening to the same song over and over until i reached the office.  still the same, i was so unsure of why i was there.

it was on the other hand nice to meet new people.  i was with two newly grads. they too were trainees like me.  looking at them wheneve they talked made me remember the kids back home.  sheanie is from leyte, and the quiet type between the two.  alai on the other hand is very perky.  she has a loud voice and really loves to tell stories.  she's also very smart.

the experience with them was a humbling experience for me.  as someone who had been working for several years, and this time being in the same position with newly graduates, the experience gave me a feeling that life can really bring us to certain situations where we will be humbled and accept the fact that things change.

it was a fun day. learning new things was exciting. meeting new friends was exceptional.

on the other hand,
nothing still beats my home grown angel without wings.

i just really miss everyone.


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