Thursday, July 29, 2010


once there was a girl named Adia. for most of her life, she lived surrounded by more than what a family can offer.  she was loved and was given all the comforts she can get.  although she was practically receiving all the comforts of home, she also grew up to be strong-willed, kind hearted, and brave.  she grew up not being scared of anything. everything was just at the right places, right time, right hands.

she had everything, not until one day..

she learned that wounds are starting to develop in her heart. the wounds were starting to eat up her heart.  it was taking long for the wounds to heal, thats why she decided to see a doctor.  she pleaded for a new heart, clean, shining, healthy.. totally brand new.  she wanted the transplant very soon.  the doctor thought otherwise.  he was insisting that her heart will function well in time.  a transplant wasnt necessary.

Adia fought the sickness.  she felt that the beating can stop anytime.  each day became a battlefield.  each day was a struggle to survive.  she kept fighting, like treading water for her life.

one night, in her favorite dwelling place, she begged God to show up.  She implored for His presence, flesh and blood.

God, knowing very well every scar of her heart appeared to her, sat beside her, took her hand and waited for her to speak.

adia felt the warmth of His presence. she was scared, but she knew that she will be alright.  with head bowed down she spoke: you gave me everything.. when everyone else thought that they cannot have everything, i knew from the start that its the other way for me.  i have been treading all my life to take care of what you have given me.  i have been treading every step of the way to fight this battle, but why these scars? why my heart? i tread the waters to appreciate life, but why give me more waves..?

God held her face with His hands.  He stared at her eyes which was filled with tears.  have you not thought of stopping to tread and just allow the waves to take you to another shore?  have you not thought of just allowing the waters comfort you in the way they know best and know how?

stop treading Adia.. just float.

float and hope that in time you will be surprised to see yourself in another shore. and then you will realize, that yes, a new heart was not necessary.  your heart will be fine, and will be good as new.

stop treading Adia, just float.

(busride going home)

ps. while in a bus going home with Seth, i shared to him this story.. he made clarifications which eventually made me do some revisions.. so, here it is Seth, thank you for making the story better..

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